Your EPS Terminal Warranty

Know what to expect when something unexpected happens

After all, a terminal warranty is protection against what might happen – an insurance policy for the terminals you rely on to run your business. As careful as you are, no matter what rules you might have in your business (no drinks on the counter!), something bad could happen, and you could be up a creek, unable to process credit card payments.

Would you want to wait up to 12 days for a manufacturer to ship you a replacement terminal? Do you want to spend hours on the phone trying to get a broken terminal replaced? Not when you’re a customer of EPS. With your EPS First Merchant Platinum (FMP) Terminal Warranty, we program and ship a new terminal to you the same day you report the issue, at NO additional cost to you!

The terminal warranty that keeps you running

  • FREE Repairs and Replacements
  • FREE Software Updates
  • FREE Second Day Return Shipping
  • PCI Compliance Updates Regularly
  • Half (1/2) Off Terminal Supplies
  • Discounted Payment Processing Equipment Upgrades

Protection from the ordinary and the extra-ordinary

  • Manufacturer Defects
  • Both Mechanical and Electrical Flaws
  • Accidental Damage (such as liquid spilling on it)
  • Incidental Damage (such as power spikes or surges)
  • Natural Disasters Such As Fire, Flood, Earthquake
  • Theft (with police report)
  • Normal Wear and Tear

Having a problem with your terminal? Call our Customer Service team 24/7/365 – 888-859-9219