EZ Payment Plan

Offer your customer a great no-credit-check payment option

When you’re selling high ticket products or offering certain types of high-ticket services, you want to offer your customer a way to pay that makes sense for their budget. You want the sale; they want what you’re offering. Don’t say goodbye to that buyer just because they don’t have enough funds at the moment they need them. A payment plan that doesn’t leave you on the hook can make all the difference.

With EPS’s revolutionary alternative payment program, EZ Payment Plan, you can offer your customers up to $5000 over a 90 day period with no credit check required. A program designed specifically to help our merchants grow their business, EZ Payment Plan allows your buyers to walk away with your product, and you get to make the sale.

The No Credit Check EZ Payment Plan is available for many types of industries, including automotive dealers and repair shops, plumbers, home repair and remodeling contractors, medical and dental practices, funeral homes, furniture stores, and jewelry stores.

The best part? Your payments are guaranteed as long as you follow the program.

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