Merchant Cash Advance

Don’t be held up by cashflow

There are times when the cash just doesn’t flow like you plan. A customer is late paying a bill, or an order doesn’t come in when you thought – but you’ve already paid for it. Sometimes, things just get a little behind – and you still need to be able to operate, improve, order, or expand.

A merchant cash advance is a service offered exclusively to EPS customers. It’s far easier than applying and being approved for a business loan, with practically no red tape, no big hoops to jump through, and a repayment schedule that fits your business.

Need a little help over a hump? Let’s see how that might work for you. Get started here.

Merchant Cash Advance Details

With a Merchant Cash Advance from EPS, we pay you in advance for a portion of your future sales. As your customers pay you, your advance is paid back with flexible repayment terms depending on your sales volume via an ACH debit from your bank account. Easy!

  • Tax deductible
  • Credit score as low as 500
  • Fixed cost of capital – easy to budget for
  • No collateral and no pledge of your personal assets
  • Not reported on your personal credit
  • On-going credit line
  • Far easier and faster than getting a typical bank or small business loan

Use your Merchant Cash Advance for whatever makes sense for your business – like purchasing new equipment, expanding or remodeling, paying for inventory or supplies, or settling past due accounts or paying taxes.