About EPS… and You

Our customers are the most important people we know. That’s been the case since we started Electronic Payment Systems, nearly thirty years ago.

Today we are an organization which has doubled-down on customer service, with simplified  streamlined processes and a commitment to helping our customers enjoy the best possible merchant processor relationship.

Our goal is to help you maximize your cash flow while keeping your payment processes running smoothly and securely so YOUR customers will be happy. And, as one of the nation’s oldest and largest privately held merchant services providers of electronic payment products to businesses and ISO’s, Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) has the skills, tools, experience, and knowledge to make it happen.

You’ll stay with EPS because you’ll always know you are being treated fairly, that payment issues are resolved quickly, and that we’re providing proactive advice when we see new opportunities for you to improve a process or take your business to the next level. Our 100% US-based team is measured on your happiness and the correct resolution to any issues you have (not on how many calls they can handle in an hour).

We have a rich history. Our goal is for you and your business to have a rich future – by doing our part to keep your cash flowing with no snafus, fast service, unparalleled data security, and a proactive team dedicated to your needs and the needs of all of our customers.

Our History

Electronic Payment Systems is the quintessential American success story. What began in 1994 as an idea to improve credit card processing blossomed into a growing business. We’ve seen great times in our industry, and we’ve seen challenging times, and we’ve lived through the ups and downs of the economy right alongside our customers.

We continuously learn, evolve, and grow in response to our customers – merchants like you who live in an ever-changing world of sales, shopping habits, and payment preferences. We operate our business today with the same philosophy with which we created the company back in 1994: Customer First, Always. We live and breathe this through our commitment to customer service, our collaborative approach to relationships, and our never-ending quest to bring you the payment solutions that enable YOUR business to grow.

Awesome! You guys are awesome. Very helpful whenever I need something. This is why I have never considered moving to another credit card processing company. Thanks so much!

Great customer service with a friendly staff. Always willing to help.

We have been very happy with EPS; they have great customer service which is HUGE these days so for us that is a great thing!


I cannot begin to express how simple and easy EPS has made everything for me. I'm extremely tech un-savvy and their customer service department ROCKS! Everything from help with my terminal to follow up calls. I absolutely highly recommend them!

EPS is a great company. They always do what they say they are going to do. I haven't had any problems so far with my processing through them. [Our rep] has been awesome!

Great company

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