Become an Agent / ISO for EPS

You are a dynamic individual agent, a team of agents, or an independent sales organization, and you’re interested in adding a reliable merchant services partner to your portfolio. You want a partner you can trust, who has your best interests top of mind, and who is committed to providing excellent service to the merchants you enroll.

So do we. In fact, we are absolutely passionate about it.

You’ve been through our site. You see that we’re dedicated to making credit card processing and merchant services easy to understand and easy to use. You know that anyone who represents  EPS must be ethical, responsive, truthful, and dedicated to the success of our merchants. Our customers come first.

If that describes you, we can take this conversation forward.

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Here are a few of the benefits EPS Agents / ISOs receive:

Training and resources to help you succeed
You’re paid on time, every time
Lifetime vested residuals
Paperless contract processing
Industry-leading compensation
Work wherever you want, whenever you want
Client statement analysis services
Support from award-winning customer service team
You’re paid on every level

Our Process

Step 1: Click the “Let’s Get Started” button on this page, fill out the pop-up form with all of your information, and click “Submit.”

Step 2: During a phone interview, we’ll talk about your background, experience, and industry knowledge. We’ll agree on whether to move forward.

Step 3: You complete and execute a customized Agent Agreement and return it to EPS. We’ll countersign and return a copy to you for your files.

Step 4: You’ll receive the EPS Agent/ISO Welcome Package, which includes your Agent #, login information to the Agent Portal, and training information.

That’s it! Four steps to what could become a truly great business relationship.


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