Resources to Decode Credit Card Processing

A complex industry in layman’s terms

We are committed to making credit card processing as easy to understand as possible. Make no mistake, this is complex stuff, and we’ve found that most “information” on the web is heavily biased in one direction or another. We’re opening the kimono, so to speak, and we’re breaking it all down to layman’s terms, providing examples, and telling you everything you could possibly want to know, without bias, about credit card processing. These resources are comprehensive and intended to decode credit card processing as much as possible, so you can make a great decision about your merchant services provider and your payment processing.

Here’s what you’ll find under Resources:

EPS Blog

A rich resource for information and stories you might relate to

Terminal Leasing vs Purchasing

An unbiased look at leasing vs purchasing and how to choose

About Chip Cards (EMV)

Learn how chip cards impact you and why you should care

Thinking of Switching Providers?

The info you need to ensure a smooth transition

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance cannot be ignored!

The Ultimate Decoder: The Glossary

The most comprehensive glossary of credit card processing is here!

About Mobile Wallet

Your customers are carrying the latest tech. Here's how to let them use it.